Hannah Van Venture of Life!


    To me, positivity means seeing the light in any situation, good or bad, and spreading joy to other people. It means creating your own happiness, because at the end of the day, you are the only one who has control over that.
    I truly learned this when I was going through a breakup last year, of a very long and unhealthy relationship that drained a LOT of my joy. After going through this, I solely focused on myself and being the best version of myself, and this took a TON of work. Journaling became my best friend, every morning waking up and writing down 3 things I was grateful for, and setting an intention for the day ahead. To be honest, this changed my life, and I recommend it to everyone, as I still continue to do this everyday.
    Something else that has changed my mindset was injury. At the beginning of the snowboard season, I ruptured my ACL and, unfortunately, had to have surgery. This was something that was EXTREMELY difficult for me, as I basically live outside doing adventurous things. Mindset was the most important thing throughout this time for me, as I was stuck on my couch for 12 days, unable to do anything except be with my own thoughts. And I truly think that staying positive and letting go of the situation helped me with recovery and healing faster than the average person. Being sad and throwing a pity party for myself wasn’t going to do ANY good for me, so I CHOSE happiness and positivity, even in a painful and shitty experience.
    During this down time, I became friends with Jayden through social media, and I 100% stand behind him and the #SMILEMOVEMENT. I believe that a simple smile towards a stranger can change anyones day, and that we need more of this in the world. Hearing Jayden’s Instagram stories everyday and seeing his HUGE smile on my phone, just made me feel better instantly. Talking to him about happiness and staying positive made me realize that I want to help spread his message. How I plan on achieving this is inspiring people to follow their dreams, and to #STOPWISHINGSTARTDOING. I live in a converted van full time, travel, and also do Youtube (Han’s Van Ventures, go subscribe;)), and my intentions are to promote adventure and truly LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE! Life is too damn short to not chase the things in life that will bring you joy, and more people need to follow their heart. If I can inspire one person to do something they’ve always dreamt about, I feel I have done my duty on this earth. So go buy that plane ticket to your dream destination, tell that person you love them, smile at strangers, change your mindset, and try to see the good in every situation, because I promise you, you will feel a sense of joy and happiness and lightness that every person needs in their life.