By: Jordon Tindell (@jordon_tindell)

     In the matter of a couple months I had become single through being made aware I was being cheated on, moved out of my parents house to live on my own, adopted a cat, became the only person at my company that does what I do, and went through quite a health scare.  Life took a complete 180, needless to say, and I was struggling. I was stressed, anxious, and slightly depressed. Then one day while mindlessly tapping through endless Instagram stories, I let one play through to hear what this person had to say. This person was Jayden Eggimann, and his message was exactly what I needed to hear. He preached of smiling through the storms we battle in life and no matter what, showing up and tackling the day with positivity and energy. I started to look forward to hearing his #smile posts every single day because they were the little pick-me-ups I needed, like water breaks in an intense game. His constant positive energy and laughing through trials and tribulations made me realize that no matter what is happening in life, no matter how many things we struggle with, we are blessed that God allowed us to wake up this morning.

     After changing my mindset and focusing on the positives in my life and how absolutely blessed I am, my stress, anxiety and depression shifted to happiness, peace, and an overall feeling of being content with myself. The #smile movement made me realize that happiness really is homemade, and once this thought was cemented into my mind, I truly fell in love with life…the good and the bad. And I know what you’re thinking, “How can you love the bad moments in life?” The truth is, the good moments are easy to love, obviously. But I’ve learned to love the bad moments as well because they are the best lessons we can have in life. Through my bad relationship and breakup, I learned what I not only want, but more importantly what I deserve. Through my health scare, I learned how to take care of my body in a way that honors the God given miracle that it truly is. Through being thrusted into the only person doing what I do for my entire company, I learned how to handle multiple responsibilities at once and perform efficiently to my highest ability.

     Almost 7 months has gone since I was struggling to find any joy in my life, and now I find it everywhere I go. The #smile movement is something I am so thankful for. It has inspired me to take life by the horns and not only find every single reason to smile, but also find every single opportunity to make someone else smile.  I can only hope someone else can fall in love with life through the #smile movement, just like I did. So to Jayden Eggimann and The smile Movement…..THANK YOU.