Meet Jayden Eggimann of The Smile Movement


By: VoyagePhoenix about Jayden Eggimann

Jayden, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
My story. Damn, honestly haven’t thought of it all until now. I was born and raised in AZ, first growing up racing BMX and growing up in a family of action sports eventually turning into a baseball player & investing fully into that. I made a dream come true of playing Division 1 baseball starting at GCU, transferring to Central AZ Community College & then ending it all at Valparaiso University.

During my time at Valpo, early my Junior year, I fractured my back late October cracking my L3. It was done early in the morning runs on the turf and just slipped wrong. During that time everything that was me and what I loved to do was taken away from me. Being baseball, hanging out w/ friends, working out/lifting which is a big part of me, and even just trying to stay happy. I remember right after the accident I left a party early one night and it was because my back was stiffening up and I wasn’t able to move my neck side to side. When I got back to my room I tried getting into my bed BUT my bed was elevated like a bunk bed because my desk was under it and I just felt defeated because I couldn’t get up. So I laid there on the floor and called my mom thinking I was paralyzed and crying to her how I felt. She was there for me that night and texted me when I went to bed that times were going to get tough but I needed to just smile and maybe even fake it to make it.

That was when I started posting “#SMILE” on all my pictures or posts & even all my papers I would be using or writing on in colleges. It reminds me to just stay positive, never turning attention to negatives. It was a message that would tell me to be strong and just seek what’s right in front. That summer I skipped out on playing a collegiate baseball league to just get healthier at home. On July 4th I made fun shirts on the 4th of July with the #SMILE and everyone loved them and I got feedback I was not expecting.

This was 2017 by the way and the start of The Smile Movement. The movement helped Houston Harvey and so many people that end of that year and was such a success but business things happened and I was living so far from home that I needed to just let the Movement be for a bit and worry about my senior season and what was to come with the real world after graduating.

Now fast forward to 2019 of last year and that was when the world blasted me with ‘life’ I guess you can say. I started the year with a broken hand (which I broke on Thanksgiving playing football haha) & getting out of a very very toxic relationship at the same time. Right after that I ended up in a BMX accident, oh yeah sorry I’m just summarizing but I did get back into BMX after I was out of my cast, that put me in the hospital and on a ventilator for 22 hours.

Yeah, I almost died and woke up even to my doctors talking numbers and odds to my parents. Not something you’d want to hear but an eye opener on how I needed to live my life. After recovery, I eventually left a job that was treating me very poorly too and I just knew in my head I needed that, “RESTART”.

That’s when The Smile Movement came back and was something I needed MORE after the accident and start of the year. I never lost sight of the movement before the accident and was something I’d always talk about before the accident. So, it was something needed back. Not only for myself but for others too. I also started using my Instagram to try and reach people on a more personable side by just always showing myself a positive mindset. Always giving my real side and just trying to reach one person a day that needed that little pick up or motive to go forward. I don’t know but I love it and have a lot more too that makes me up.

The Smile Movement is also something done only by myself and the help of my father as well. All done at home as well and is made personally and packaged as well! It’s a process but something of a start to hopefully reaching more and more people. It’s not a brand, it’s a movement. It’s me, what I believe in and truly am. Aimed at seeking positives over negatives. Getting after every day with everything I have. For myself & others along the way as well.

I’m me, a very positive guy who just wants others to believe in a positive perspective and give it to others along the way as well. I’m also a huge advocate with fitness/lifting/personal function & am currently working to get my NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certification for personal training and being able to personally work with people and help develop a better well being of living. I also graduate with a degree in Entrepreneurship in Health and Wellness with a Minor in Communications! So life for me is all around just a healthy lifestyle.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Business partner struggles at the very beginning.
School and athletics.
Real life hitting me hard after college.

Please tell us about your business.
The Smile Movement is aimed at seeing positives rather than negatives. To get after every day with everything you can give that day. Yes, it is a clothing line but also stickers have been a huge part of it all as well. It’s a vision of The Smile Movement to just reach many people as possible and spread the message to smile. Because it is a very powerful and contagious message.

As a company, we have helped and given back to The Houston Harvey floods & most recently The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. It may not always seem like a lot since the movement is home grown and not the biggest but it’s something and it’s amazing what was done during these short times as well. I even personally came up with a custom design for the Breast Cancer line that was a major like on all ends.

The movement specializes in just being a daily reminder of positive energy and emotion. Leaving the negativity to the side and living life fully and clearly. The #SMILE was the originator and has so many more things to come. It’s a message and a very powerful & contagious one as well. What separates The Smile Movement from other brands or clothing lines is the positive motivation behind it. It is a clear message and one that is good and healthy for people.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
So far my proudest moment was being in an event with the Smile Movement that was done through my personal branding on Instagram that later turned into a connection for a live IG Podcast!


Hannah Van Venture of Life!


    To me, positivity means seeing the light in any situation, good or bad, and spreading joy to other people. It means creating your own happiness, because at the end of the day, you are the only one who has control over that.
    I truly learned this when I was going through a breakup last year, of a very long and unhealthy relationship that drained a LOT of my joy. After going through this, I solely focused on myself and being the best version of myself, and this took a TON of work. Journaling became my best friend, every morning waking up and writing down 3 things I was grateful for, and setting an intention for the day ahead. To be honest, this changed my life, and I recommend it to everyone, as I still continue to do this everyday.
    Something else that has changed my mindset was injury. At the beginning of the snowboard season, I ruptured my ACL and, unfortunately, had to have surgery. This was something that was EXTREMELY difficult for me, as I basically live outside doing adventurous things. Mindset was the most important thing throughout this time for me, as I was stuck on my couch for 12 days, unable to do anything except be with my own thoughts. And I truly think that staying positive and letting go of the situation helped me with recovery and healing faster than the average person. Being sad and throwing a pity party for myself wasn’t going to do ANY good for me, so I CHOSE happiness and positivity, even in a painful and shitty experience.
    During this down time, I became friends with Jayden through social media, and I 100% stand behind him and the #SMILEMOVEMENT. I believe that a simple smile towards a stranger can change anyones day, and that we need more of this in the world. Hearing Jayden’s Instagram stories everyday and seeing his HUGE smile on my phone, just made me feel better instantly. Talking to him about happiness and staying positive made me realize that I want to help spread his message. How I plan on achieving this is inspiring people to follow their dreams, and to #STOPWISHINGSTARTDOING. I live in a converted van full time, travel, and also do Youtube (Han’s Van Ventures, go subscribe;)), and my intentions are to promote adventure and truly LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE! Life is too damn short to not chase the things in life that will bring you joy, and more people need to follow their heart. If I can inspire one person to do something they’ve always dreamt about, I feel I have done my duty on this earth. So go buy that plane ticket to your dream destination, tell that person you love them, smile at strangers, change your mindset, and try to see the good in every situation, because I promise you, you will feel a sense of joy and happiness and lightness that every person needs in their life.



The Smile Movement - How it Helped Me Fall in Love with Life


By: Jordon Tindell (@jordon_tindell)

     In the matter of a couple months I had become single through being made aware I was being cheated on, moved out of my parents house to live on my own, adopted a cat, became the only person at my company that does what I do, and went through quite a health scare.  Life took a complete 180, needless to say, and I was struggling. I was stressed, anxious, and slightly depressed. Then one day while mindlessly tapping through endless Instagram stories, I let one play through to hear what this person had to say. This person was Jayden Eggimann, and his message was exactly what I needed to hear. He preached of smiling through the storms we battle in life and no matter what, showing up and tackling the day with positivity and energy. I started to look forward to hearing his #smile posts every single day because they were the little pick-me-ups I needed, like water breaks in an intense game. His constant positive energy and laughing through trials and tribulations made me realize that no matter what is happening in life, no matter how many things we struggle with, we are blessed that God allowed us to wake up this morning.

     After changing my mindset and focusing on the positives in my life and how absolutely blessed I am, my stress, anxiety and depression shifted to happiness, peace, and an overall feeling of being content with myself. The #smile movement made me realize that happiness really is homemade, and once this thought was cemented into my mind, I truly fell in love with life…the good and the bad. And I know what you’re thinking, “How can you love the bad moments in life?” The truth is, the good moments are easy to love, obviously. But I’ve learned to love the bad moments as well because they are the best lessons we can have in life. Through my bad relationship and breakup, I learned what I not only want, but more importantly what I deserve. Through my health scare, I learned how to take care of my body in a way that honors the God given miracle that it truly is. Through being thrusted into the only person doing what I do for my entire company, I learned how to handle multiple responsibilities at once and perform efficiently to my highest ability.

     Almost 7 months has gone since I was struggling to find any joy in my life, and now I find it everywhere I go. The #smile movement is something I am so thankful for. It has inspired me to take life by the horns and not only find every single reason to smile, but also find every single opportunity to make someone else smile.  I can only hope someone else can fall in love with life through the #smile movement, just like I did. So to Jayden Eggimann and The smile Movement…..THANK YOU.